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Arche shoes - French design at its best

Pierre-Robert Helaine began Arche Shoes with the philosophy: “If you think too much, walk. If you can’t think, walk. If you think poorly, walk some more.” So it's no surprise that Arche shoes are made with the perfect synergy of comfort, style and durability for living life on your feet. French shoe design at its best. Shop Arche shoes now or find out what makes this brand so special. 


Founded in France in 1968, today Arche is still a family-run company tightly linked to its local identity in Chateau-Renault near Paris.  Here are five reasons you'll love this brand.

1. Arche shoes - French design & creativity

Designed near Paris where true fashion begins, Arche always manages to deliver unique and distinctive designs season after season. Each shoe has its own individual identity, with a creative yet timeless aesthetic that’s characteristic of good French design.

Arche shoes - orange ankle boots

2. Awesome colours

Since its inception in the ‘swinging sixties’, Arche has believed that “black and brown do not go with everything.” As shoe lovers, we couldn’t agree more. Every Arche collection of sneakers, boots and sandals is offered in inviting and mouth-watering colours that perfectly match the season's fashion trends.

3. Exquisite leathers

Arche uses supple European leathers and the softest of nubucks which retain a rich, authentic look due to their traditional tanning and dying process. Nubuck leather is water and scratch resistant while creating a cosy and breathable home for the foot - beautiful and practical for life on the run.

4. Ultra-comfortable

Everyone who wears Arche falls in love their ultra-comfortable rubber soles. All Arche sneakers, boots and sandals feature 100% natural Latex cushioning for maximum durability, flexibility and shock absorption. Their outsoles are made of ultra-light latex ‘lactae hevea’, the ultimate in comfort.

Arche comfortable French shoes

5. Effortless Style, just right for Australia

Arche shoes achieve a sophisticated look effortlessly. While they look fabulous with casual attire, some styles are also suitable for formal occasions. Boasting a unique balance between urban and chic, Arche is perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

Arche Shoes AustraliaArche Dato Boot

Shop the Arche Shoe Story

Arche is an exclusive brand and not available in many stores. Booty Shoes has curated the best Arche designs from their huge seasonal ranges for many years. Anyone searching for comfortable, on-trend shoes will love our selection of Arche sneakers, boots and sandals. Drop in and see why this French brand is so appreciated by so many.  Arche shoes - French design - Vive la difference! 

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