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Booty at the Jean Arnot Awards

How are shoes, women's equality, and Ukrainian women connected? Booty Shoes owner Greg Harrison shares what he learned when he donated a prize for the Jean Arnot Awards event recently.


I heard about Jean Arnot from a librarian friend who mentioned the Awards Lunch. Impressed by the story and the cause, I was keen to contribute. 

Jean Arnot was a librarian at the State Library from 1921-1968, as well as a prolific activist for women's equal pay and rights. In reading about her, I discovered that in the 1930s, women in the public service like Jean were only entitled to 54% of the male wage! Jean rose to the position of Head Cataloguer at the State Library, but missed out on the two top jobs which in her opinion were given to less-qualified men.

She was very active in many high-profile trade union, business and women's organisations, working behind the scenes and speaking in the media on equal pay, employment opportunity, child care and more.

Thanks to women like Jean, Australia has come a long way on these issues, but we are not there yet!

The National Council of Women (of which Jean was once President) has been promoting women's equal status since 1896. In 1993, they first organised the Jean Arnot Recognition Awards and Lunch to celebrate her 90th birthday. The awards are now held annually to recognise Jean's contribution to the struggle for equal pay, as well as the remarkable achievements of women over 90 years old.

Booty contributed a $500 gift voucher as a prize on the day. I was thrilled that it was won by a Ukrainian lady who will appreciate good quality shoes! The Vice President of NCW is herself Ukrainian, and her lovely note below says it all about what shoes mean (especially when you don't have them), and their importance to women.


It was an absolute pleasure to contribute to the Jean Arnot Awards Lunch, and of course I couldn't agree more with Leisha about shoes. Congratulations to Ordarka. I am looking forward to helping her and her daughter find the perfect shoes at Booty!