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Booty goes to Moso Island

Moso is a remote island off the northwest coast of Efate in Vanuatu. 
How did 50+ pairs of Booty Shoes end up there?


As well as tourists and expats, Moso Island is home to around 250 'Ni-Vanuatu' locals, many of whom live in Tassiriki village. Some work at 'The Moso' resort while most rely on market gardening and fishing for a subsistence living. 

Tassiriki is fortunate to have its own primary school so most of the island's children gain a basic education. However, the school is desperately short of resources and even the most basic equipment is prohibitively expensive.

When a friend of mine (now proprietor of The Moso) suggested that Booty donate some shoes to the school, I was keen to help. We shipped over 50+ pairs in a container. 

With such a limited selection of quality fashion shoes in Vanuatu, the Booty arrival was a huge hit with the ladies! They were snapped up by expats at a special afternoon drinks function in Port Vila, and also by guests staying at The Moso resort. 

Best of all...the funds raised were enough to buy the school a much-needed printer and scanner.  It was wonderful to have our shoes bring a positive benefit to the school.

Vanuatu is a beautiful country with beautiful people. You're sure to agree when you see this video as the teacher and children express their thanks. It was an absolute pleasure!

Special thanks to 'The Moso' Resort for coming up with the idea.