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The mood-boosting power of shoes

Studies show that what we wear directly affects our mood, attitude and confidence. So let's not forget the mood-boosting powers of shoes!

Mood-boosting shoes
Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Many of us would agree that shoes can change the way we feel in an instant, and it’s not just about how they look and feel on our feet. Here six ways that the right shoes (and other accessories) can give you a powerful pick-me-up.

1. Express yourself

Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through! Shoes are a fun way to express yourself and channel your creativity. Uncovering gorgeous new shoe styles can make us feel enthusiastic, excited and positive. Some shoes literally make you go "aaaah...", like Booty's new brand, Inuikii, with happy colours, gorgeous textures and hints of kitsch. In the mess of our world today, who wouldn’t love a pair of these comfy paradise-filled grass rosebud slides?

2. Wear bright colours

Colour has been scientifically proven to affect our moods. If you’re feeling a bit down, stay away from head-to-toe black or grey, and inject bright colours into your wardrobe instead. Try pops of yellow to promote happy and positive feelings or dashes of green to help you feel calm and grounded.

Another go-to mood-lifting shade is pink. Pink is associated with charm, femininity and love of yourself and others. Brighter shades are also energizing and uplifting. Just a small pop of pink can be all that’s needed for a feel-good effect - like these Laura Bellariva crimson soled boots or Saben fuschia bag.

3. Play with print, pattern & texture

Yearning for the vacations that got away this year? Try prints that prompt daydreams of exotic, sandy shores, sailing trips and safaris. Animal print, stripes and woven textures are ideal because they can be incorporated into colourful or neutral ensembles with ease. For the ultimate summer shoe wardrobe, snatch up a pair of zebra sneakers and look out for our Italian Verdura sandals made of recycled fishing net.


4. Add on accessories

Accessories can instantly make you feel more put together. Try bold statement earrings or a pretty headband to lift your spirits during your next Zoom meeting. A colourful hat or silk scarf, a special piece of jewellery or a relaxed, soft leather bag can all lift your mood without blowing the budget.  The bonus is that the right accessories can last a long time and add an extra level of personality and uniqueness to your style.


5. Shake it up with shine

Nothing shakes up an outfit you're a little tired of like a pair of look-at-me shoes, and the mood-boosters of the moment are shiny metallic, patent and embellished styles. The latest sneakers are guaranteed to appeal to fashion magpies and put a pep in your step, something we can all probably use.   A walk around the block will feel that much better in a pair of these P448 patent sneakers with sequined heel tops!


6. Embrace comfort and quality

Comfort is crucial - if your feet are suffering, you can be sure your mood will too. A shoe with good craftsmanship will not only increase your enjoyment but decrease the cost per wear, and that’s also something to smile about. For comfort and quality, it’s hard to beat classic French brand, Arche. What better time than now to snap up a few pairs on sale? New season Arche coming in soon.


We all have those days that just feel like everything is going wrong. So instead of collapsing on the couch with a block of chocolate, drop into Booty Shoes Potts Point for some special attention and we’ll help to find the right mood-boosting shoes for you!

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