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Pons Quintana - A piece of Menorca in every shoe

Pons Quintana shoes reflect Spanish creativity, spontaneity and zest for life. What are the roots of this beautiful brand? Why do we love it and think you will too?

In 1947, Santiago Pons Quintana, aged 18, was helping his uncle in a small shoe workshop in Alaior, Menorca Spain. One day, while sweeping up remnants of leather, it occurred to him that he could use the leftover leather to make children's slippers, and so he set about making his first shoes.

By some lucky coincidence, commercial agents from Iceland came to his village, saw the shoes in a local shop, and loved them! Overnight, they had advanced Santiago 200,000 pesetas to make 1,200 pairs of shoes. This would prove the opportunity of a lifetime. Santiago established his own business and started making children’s shoes for Iceland.  Then in the mid '50s, encouraged by the President of Spanish department store, Corte Inglés, Pons Quintana evolved into shoe designs for women.

At the end of the '60s, Pons Quintana’s star product, ‘the ‘woven shoe’, was born. These iconic shoes feature woven leather uppers crafted from a single piece of leather. The beautiful fine-weave texture adds visual interest while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic - truly a timeless classic.

Today the woven shoe comes in many styles, from court shoes to sandals and sneakers. And while Pons Quintana now makes almost every kind of shoe – from snakeskin boots to suede wedges - the much-loved woven pattern is still the brand’s signature style.

After 70 years of innovation, adaptation and adventures, Pons Quintana is still a family business with a factory in Alaior Minorca.  However, the work of the 2nd and 3rd generations now transcends all continents and the business exports to more than 40 countries.

Pons Quintana current CEO, Magda Pons-Quintana Palliser

Why you will love wearing Pons Quintana Shoes

1. Inspired by the beauty of Menorca

The island of Menorca - its light, history, beauty and colours - are the source of inspiration for Pons Quintana. You can see a little bit of Menorca in every shoe! Pons Quintana CEO, Magda Pons-Quintana Palliser (pictured above) says” The island offers us the entire palette of colors throughout the year. It is reflected in the flowers that we make in leather down to the smallest detail, in the bright colours of spring and its light; the earthy colors of summer, the intensities of the blue seas and the sky; the metallic colors of the starry nights... “

2. Comfort is king

Comfort is a basic element of all Pons Quintana shoes, no matter what the trends of each season are. You won’t find any impossibly high heels among the Pons Quintana range, but you will find designs that stand out for their beauty, add style to your everyday life, and that you can put on in the morning and stay comfortable all day. For comfort and stability, Pons Quintana sandals typically feature non-slip and flexible rubber soles, while sneakers have removable orthopaedic insoles that reduce fatigue when walking.

3. Artisanal Quality & Durability

Pons Quintana makes all its shoes in Spain in an artisan way, guaranteeing the best finishes as well as comfort and durability. Looks may be deceiving - the Pons Quintana’s iconic weave is very technically evolved and highly durable, and all Pons Quintana shoes have a life well above the market average.

From Menorca to Maroubra, Pons Quintana is perfect for the modern woman's casual lifestyle, with long walks, days at the beach and relaxed dinners with friends.


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