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Social distancing? Time for a wardrobe makeover

The coronavirus pandemic is a huge stressor for everyone, but one opportunity this crisis offers many of us is more time.  While you're at home in isolation, take advantage of the situation to makeover your wardrobe. What changes can you make to achieve the biggest difference?  Here are six tips to get you started.


1. Assess the clothing that you actually wear

Think about what you wear most during a given (normal) week. You may even want to take selfies so you have a small gallery to scroll through and evaluate. Why keep dozens of designer heels when you live in combat boots? If something doesn't fit or flatter you or make you feel great when you wear it, donate it to charity.

2. Find inspiration to refresh your style

If you're staring into your wardrobe and feeling uninspired, flip through Instagram and Pinterest to find looks you could recreate – is there a look you’d like to achieve? For shoe inspiration, follow Bootypottspoint on Instagram.



3. Use a wardrobe app

With time on your hands, you may even want to photograph your clothes and organise them into outfits with an app like Stylebook. You're likely to find that you actually have a definable style but you’re diluting it by keeping things that you don’t like so much... (for what? Ugh!)

4. Experiment and restyle 

You may have some great forgotten pieces that haven’t seen daylight for years. If you can find a new way to wear three things you love, that's a great start. Through layering and different accessories, you can come up with completely new looks. How good would your go-to black outfit look with these Arche nubuck boots 

5. Identify your wardrobe gaps

Now ask yourself these essential questions: What are the gaps you need to fill in your wardrobe? What new items will give you the biggest return on investment? What are the smallest changes you could make for the biggest difference? Quite often the answer - or at least part of it - is SHOES.


6.  Elevate your look with shoes 

Shoes do a lot of work for an outfit. The same black skinny pants and white shirt can look casual with white sneakers, polished with moc croc hightops, and classy with heeled boots. Different shoes help change a look easily. Shoes are also a great way to introduce prints. Animal print can be intimidating in a dress but for shoes and accessories, it’s a subtle but effective addition.

Ivy Lee Stella boot

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