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How to wear Loafers - Tips for Australian women

Wondering how to wear loafers in 2024 and if they're for you?  A fashion staple for decades, loafers have really come into their own this year for women of all ages and lifestyles. From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, we think loafers should be high on the Australian woman's shoe shopping list. Why?

Loafers are great for outfits you might otherwise pair with sneakers, they’re stylish with bare ankles, tights or socks, and you can opt for them over ballet flats or heels. Loafers add street-cred to work outfits, and rescue an everyday jean look. Loafers suit Australia's mild winters and are really the ultimate, versatile, trans-seasonal shoe for sophisticated Australian women. Wondering how to put together flattering outfits with loafers? Here's our roundup of 4 great, fail-safe ways to wear loafers and look stylish. 

1. How to wear loafers with skirts & dresses

Wear loafers with skirts and dresses
Loafers to wear with skirts and dresses at Booty Shoes

Wearing Loafers with skirts and dresses is a great alternative to heels for a dressy casual event or the office. Short dresses and long pencil skirts slit to show your legs are the most flattering choices to wear with loafers. If you’re petite, avoid wearing mid-calf length hemlines with loafers as this can make you appear shorter.

For a classic look, go for black or neutral outfits with black loafers, and if you like an extra edge, add fishnet or sheer patterned tights. Simply adding a pair of penny loafers to a classic black mini dress and camel coat can bring your look to the next level!  At Booty, we’re loving our French and Spanish patent and suede loafers from Arche, Pons and Carmela which add a touch of European elegance to pencil skirts and dresses.

2. How to wear loafers with pants & jackets

Wearing loafers with pants and jackets
Booty shoes loafers to wear to pants

The loafer is a great choice to wear with pants and jackets. You can’t really go wrong with this combination. Black loafers are versatile and look good with anything, but get the right colour combination between your loafers and jacket, and you’ve got yourself a very stylish outfit. Choose a pair of loafers in a gorgeous colour like these l'Ecologica Teale Suede Loafers.

Wide leg pants, cropped above the ankle or long and flowing, look great with chunky loafers. When it’s time to break out the warmer layers, add a cute, cropped turtleneck and some Pons Burgundy Loafers for a cool, polished look. When wearing slim leg dress pants, it's best to wear a classic slimline loafer style. 

The ‘80s fashion trend of stirrup leggings is back and these stretchy black bottoms look amazing with a pair of loafers!  Go classic with a button-down shirt and patent penny loafers like these from l'Ecologica.

3. How to wear loafers with jeans, jumpers & tops

Wearing loafers with jeans and jumpers

One of the latest trends is combining loafers with high waisted jeans, and we're loving it! Straight-leg, relaxed-fit or mom jeans that show your ankles look brilliant with baggy jumpers and tops. It's about time that boring straight-leg jean outfits got an upgrade!

Suede loafers, given their texture and warmth, are a must-have this autumn/winter. if you like sophistication and elegance, we recommend pairing suede loafers with cropped black or neutral jeans and a silk blouse, layered with a knit on top.  For colour, think browns, burnt oranges or deep greens like the Sioux Chunky Loafer or the Pons Quintana tan suede loafer. And why not give your favourite jeans a more elevated look with the gorgeous Pons Omega Animal Loafer, a real eyecatcher!

4. How to wear loafers with suits

Booty shoes Loafers to wear with suits

The suit is the shape of the moment and it promises extra style mileage when worn with loafers. Combining loafers with a suit creates a stylish look that exudes boardroom boss energy and street-style flair.

Choose loafers that match the tone of your pants  to maintain the harmony of your outfit. For example, these elegant Laura Bellariva Nude Loafers are the perfect complement to pastel and light neutral suits. Generally, streamlined loafers will compliment a slim-fitted suit, but if you’re wearing an oversized suit, then pair it with chunkier lug-sole loafers like these Laura Bellariva Chunky Nude Loafers, to balance your outfit.

A tuxedo with velvet loafers can be a great combination for special occasions. It's a good idea to match the colour of your tuxedo and your loafers. These PG Bordeaux Velvet Loafers would look awesome with a burgundy suit!

Should you wear loafers with socks?

Wearing loafers with socks

Wearing loafers with socks can add a quirky and trendy appeal, of which we totally approve! But depending on your age and style, you may want to stick to black socks as they're easier to pull off.  Fine black socks with loafers and jeans or trousers can add winter warmth, look great in the boardroom and have a leg-lengthening effect. The socks you can wear with loafers come in so many fun patterns, vivid colours and sparkly textures, but remember, it takes effort to style them well especially if you're over 40!

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Acknowledgements: Thank you to Instyle, Vogue, Fox&She, Glamour and Simmisura for their comprehensive coverage of how to wear loafers, from which this blog was researched.