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Shoe classics worth investing in

As tempting as it can be to stockpile sparkly high heels, classic shoes that will look and feel great for years are what you should really invest in – and they’re called classics for a reason. Booty brings you our list of must-have, winter shoe classics along with a few fun facts about their origins.

Rust beau coup chelsea boot


Did you know that many classic shoe styles boast a pedigree dating back over a century? They’ve weathered various fashion eras and trends, and yet managed to remain modern for countless women from age 18 to 80. Collect these shoe styles with confidence – they’ll save you from what-to-wear moments and blisters for many years to come!

1. White sneakers

Originally a boys’ tennis shoe in the 1880s, sneakers are now a women’s wardrobe staple. Whatever your lifestyle, you’re bound to need a pair of sneakers, whether for traveling, running errands or creating a cool look. Clean-lined white sneakers in a classic silhouette are timeless and can be paired with anything from jeans to a chiffon dress. Booty always has a cool sneaker for everyone, whether you are after zip sneakers (no more tying laces!), metallic sneakers, animal print, platform, white leather sneakers, or black high tops.  Shop our gorgeous sneakers now.

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2. Ballet flats

The first ballet flat was designed in 1956 for Brigitte Bardot who wanted "a pair of shoes as lightweight and flexible as true ballet slippers”. Since then, the ballet flat has become one of the most timeless fashion shoes. Ballerinas will never go out of style, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Coloured, cut-out, peep-toe, black, white or 2022's chunky sole, for sophistication without sacrificing comfort, it's hard to beat Booty's classic Arche French ballet flats.

3. Classic loafers

The classic loafer has been around for over 60 years. For casual days at the office or weekends away, these boyish flats add polish to jeans, pants and dresses. Characterised by horse-bit detailing, loafers now come in a variety of styles, colours and embellishments, but if you're making an investment, stick to classic black, brown or navy. Shop Booty's latest loafers from Wirth, Arche & Unisa.

4. Black pumps

Pumps, also known as court shoes in British English, survive in much the same form as in the early 1800s when they were worn by upper-class gentlemen. A pair of black pumps will take you from work to weekend and everything in between, no matter what your age. High heeled pumps have taken a back seat during the pandemic, but we will no doubt see them again soon.

Unisa Burgundy pump

5. Chelsea boots

The classic Chelsea boot comes in all heel heights and toe shapes, but is most distinguished by the elastic side panels which make it easy to pull on and off. The first of this style was made for Queen Victoria in 1851 because she wanted a pair of non-lace-up riding boots, but it wasn’t until the ‘Mods’ in the late '50s that these became popular. Designer Ivy Lee does gorgeous Chelsea boots and updates this classic silhouette with on-trend versions each year. 

Booty Shoes shoe classics are curated for their quality, personality, comfort and cost-per-wear style.Get yours guilt-free now!

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